Case: An X, Y or Z Axis WIll Not Zero Return and generates an over travel alarm
Axis will not zero return alarm onFanuc 16i-M
This procedure will reset zero coordination between machine and control.

This particular Machine / Control is: Machine Model: GM544 Control: Fanuc 16i-M

However, this will work on many machine / control combinations. Make sure that you write down any settings before you change them.

  1. Go to Offset page > Settings page > Parameter Write Enable > change 0 to 1
  2. System page > Parameter 1320 > change stroke limit variable to 999999999 (in the axis that will not zero return)
  3. Return Parameter Write Enable back to 0
  4. Zero return the axis all the way to hard stop (Gently! If the axis jams against the hard stop you will have to free it up manually)
  5. Change Parameter Write Enable back to 1
  6. Return 1320 parameter back to the original number (i.e 4000 or 5000)
  7. Change Parameter Write Enable back to 0