Divi WordPress Theme

As you might expect I’m often asked, “What WordPress theme should I use?”

Over the last year, 99% of the time my answer has become, “Check out Divi by Elegant Themes.” If Divi doesn’t do it (or the other 86 themes at Elegant Themes) then look around from there. Especially over the past year, the development of this theme has been outstanding.

You can spend a lot of time searching for and qualifying themes to use for your WordPress website and still have to research further what the support is like for each. A daunting task for beginner and pro alike. Even then it isn’t until the theme is in place when you discover the features that you wish it had. What, you didn’t think of everything beforehand?

Within Divi there is a built in versatility that allows you to use out of the box page layouts to get up and running quickly and still customize those pages later, even on the fly. At this point in it’s development, Divi can take on many appearances giving each site that it’s installed on a unique look and feel. It behaves well with child themes and custom plugins when you need to make WordPress dance.

  • If your a beginner, it’s install and start creating pages and posts with little to no learning curve. You’re off and running.
  • If your an experienced WordPress developer you can spend less time qualifying themes because Divi can do almost everything.

Elegant Themes has demonstrated dedication and commitment to Divi’s continued development, including theme functions, that reduce the need for third party plugins.

However they do have a few of their own:


Bloom Email Optin Plugin
An Email Opt-in Plugin


Monarch Social Sharing Plugin
A Social Sharing Plugin


Divi WordPress Theme
The live Divi demo

I find that there are virtually no integration problems to deal with, when you can use plugins and a theme from the same developers. All of the components are designed for compatible integration, right from the start.

All of this, coupled with one of the most responsive support teams makes Elegant Themes my “Go To First vendor” to find a WordPress theme.

There may still be reasons for using other themes. For instance, if an existing site is already built around a proprietary plugin with custom hooks requiring theme compatibility, for instance. In the case of specialty compliance requirements, using Divi with third party plugins for these cases, provided the solutions.

What an dramatic time saver to be able to use 1 theme for many, if not all, projects.

A special thanks to Nick Roach and Elegant Themes for developing the theme of themes and backing it up with “superior” support.